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May 20 - Ashtanga for Life Workshop with Ricky Tran 

PURE Yoga Dallas

6333 East Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX, 75214


May 21 - Vinyasa Master Class with Ricky Tran

2155 Marsh Lane, #144
Carrollton, TX 75006


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I attended Ricky’s online (Zoom) classes in January (2023) and had the privilege of experiencing the breath of life through movement. Ricky’s method feels ancient- he taught connection to the breath, stillness, and mindfulness. His flow, his ability to monitor the whole room, his dialogue afterwards. It’s more than “doing yoga” the way you may understand it today- it's a way of being that has transformed my life from the inside out. Thank you for what you are bringing to this community! 

Carla, Addison, TX

In 2022 when I began preparing to have surgery for prostate cancer, one of my first thoughts was to contact Ricky and begin practicing yoga with him again. I didn’t know then that my thought of wanting to restart an asana practice to prepare for the physical disruption to the body that is caused by prostate cancer surgery would turn into so much more.

In addition to the physical practice, Ricky guided me into a mental, emotional, and spiritual practice that completely shifted my approach to the surgery.

We added pranayama to focus my mind and turn my focus inward. We learned new chants to relax and bring positive energy into my body, which I did even as I was being put under for the surgery. While not perfect, I made progress in letting go of attachment to the outcome of the surgery. The inward focus I developed gave me new ways of communicating with and being in touch with my body.

My rate of recovery from the surgery has surprised my doctor, and far exceeded the statistical norms. I fully attribute this remarkable outcome to the energetic and physical work I did with Ricky before, and continue to do after, the surgery. We are now studying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and moving deeper into my spiritual practice. With Ricky’s continued guidance, I am excited to see where the journey of this lifetime takes me.

Paul, Dallas, TX

I had two private sessions with Ricky and in two days my yoga practice was transformed. The transformation was in the details: Ricky unlocked my struggles and questions about basic poses and suddenly my vinyasa was aligned and flowed much more easily. I am a physician (surgeon) and I was impressed by his knowledge of anatomy and the precision of his adjustments. He tailored adjustments and stretches to accommodate my scoliosis and areas of my back that had never expanded or felt breath were opened. The work I experienced was simple yet powerful. We kept it simple with "bread and butter" poses but at the same time I was able to do poses I did not think possible! I would recommend taking any class from Ricky--his approach is so personal and he will not let you practice a pose in a harmful way. I strongly recommend a private class to anyone who wants to experience significant change and breakthrough in his or her practice.

Dr. Z Jones, NM

When Ricky told me he thought he could help my shoulder with 30 minutes of yoga and stretching two times a week, I was skeptical. I had just been to my general practitioner and had been put on pain pills, anti inflammatories. She wanted X-rays and 1hour of physical therapy 3 days per week for 1 hour. I just started a new job and couldn’t put that time into it. Ricky showed me poses, stretches and physically worked on my shoulder for 1 month. I have been healed! It’s the craziest thing I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend you to try Ricky’s holistic approach. He is gentle, kind and a very gifted yoga teacher.

Laure Jellison, Minnesota

Ricky Tran is an exquisite teacher for the study of the yogic texts, Sanskrit, and asana. One can easily pick up in him a special energy, a graceful way of being, and an incredible dedication to the study of yoga as a complete mind and body philosophy. He has an unquestionable intensity and determination to elevate the spiritual discourse.

I was introduced to yoga through the study of the ancient texts. As such, I was taught asanas in direct relation to yoga philosophy. I am often underwhelmed by how diluted this ancient and incredibly profound practice has become in the west. I always seek out the very few teachers who can offer a complete practice methodology.

Ricky is exceptional! He is one of the few dedicated to spreading this practice as it was initially intended. He is also one of the most advanced practitioners of asana, and an outstanding meditation guide. Ricky brings incredible presence in his delivery of the Yoga Sutras. He has an outstanding knowledge of the ancient texts and has read exhaustively. He delivers his own interpretations with erudition, while remaining humble. Finally, his rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” is worth mentioning!

Mara Marcu
Associate Professor SAID University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design Board of Directors ACADIA Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture Editor ECHOS Actar Publishers

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